SL Firpo Design/Craft
Leaded Glass Studio
Portland, OR
Stained glass art is alive and well in the 21st century and many American studios are producing stained glass windows that are as spectacular in quality and beauty as the decorative windows of centuries past. Elegant stained glass windows are made in diverse textures, hues, shapes, sizes and complexities.
The effects of colored light have always been a source of fascination: perhaps from the sparkle of its intensified energy; perhaps from the way it elevates a viewer outward and back toward the source of its mysterious force. Whether the glass is etched, beveled, painted or mosaic, leaded glass windows can bring brilliant presentations of color and light into your home or office.
Stained glass window patterns can be created from any organic or structured forms. The windows may be adaptations from historic architectural ornament and patterns. The idea behind the adaptations is to study an ornamentation (in a floor mosaic, a wall carving, a painted ceiling design) and create a window (or a series of windows) that depict it's patterning. Stained glass art adds wonderful dimension to virtually any space.
Each piece of stained glass art is designed and built to complement a particular space. We create stained glass windows and panels which are tailored to meet our client's desires and needs. Our leaded glass studio works in conjunction with our building design studio where we can create a variety of wood frames to house any window...
SL Firpo Design/Craft - Building Design Studio
As many of our clients know, our leaded glass studio shares a shingle with the other side of our business. SL Firpo Design/Craft includes a building design studio that specializes in the design of residential and small commercial buildings inlcuding indoor and outdoor remodeling, shelving and kitchen & bath design. Please take a moment to see works from SL Firpo Design/Craft - Building Design Studio.
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